About us

So That Others May Live Comfortably

While deployed to Afghanistan our owner was having difficulty accessing his military medical records.  He knew immediately he was not the only veteran to have this pain.  At that moment Healthiago was born.  Although the concept has expanded to include the ability for healthcare related businesses around the world to market their products and services, Healthiago has never strayed away from our core mission of helping Vets. 

Government initiatives have recently been signed that encourage wider use of telehealth services and promote wellness benefits.  Now we are offering everyone Healthiago as a means of gaining greater clarity into your health and helping doctors achieve quality of care goals.  

Healthiago is an On-Demand healthcare & fitness portal.  Healthiago’s goal is to provide access to an environment for enriched patient and provider engagement.  This certainly is an outstanding declaration for those who have been keen on taking a more active role in their own healthcare. However, they have not been able to do so because of the lack of visibility into their very own personal health data.  


Healthcare mobile apps benefit Providers and Patients.  It is essential for doctors to have a top to bottom understanding of their patient's treatment history.   They can also offer instant treatment to their patients through an app like HEALTHIAGO!